The American Employees Association (AEA) of the U.S. Embassy in Beijing has organized an annual Summer Camp for the children of diplomats, expatriates and local Chinese children since 1997. Our annual Summer Camp provides the finest American style summer camp experience for children aged from 5 to 12 years old.

We committed to offering children an engaging environment at the camp to encourage cultural, social, and physical growth. The camp is modeled on the finest American style summer camp. All of the AEA Summer Camp counselors are from the U.S. and have undergone strict screening and rigorous training to ensure quality and safety.

Over the past 19 years, AEA Summer campers have learned new skills and created lasting friendships with children from all over the world, all while having a lot of summer fun! We are looking forward to meeting old and new friends , 2017

Highlights of 2017 Summer Camp
1) We only accept Non-Chinese passport holders as our Campers age 5-12
2)We will set up Certain FREE Bus Stops
3)We have Very Limited Spaces
4)Registration starts soon and Deadline will be 15th of March,2017
我们的注册马上就要开始了, 截止日期是三月十五号,2017
5) AEA Summer Camp ‘s Date and Location will be released very soon
6) Please email info@aeabeijing.net for any inquires
7) Phone calls :138-1197-1251 (8.30-17.30) at the middle of Feb.2017
8)Price USD800/week
9) Location: Western Academy of Beijing
10) Date:26th of June-4th of August, 2017

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