2017 Staff ( American Counselors+ Chinese Teaching Assistant )

Top Quality Staff Selection Strategy

The major strategy used in the selection for AEA-Summer camp staff is known as the Leadership Assessment Center (LAC). Individuals are engaged in individual and group presentations, leadership skill assessment and structured pattern group interviews. The LAC provides a framework for observing desirable behaviours in comparison with others who are competing for like positions. This process has been described as “highly spirited, well organized…directed to convey the programs’ dynamism, energy and power, as well as serving as a means of gathering relevant information about an individual’s capabilities to perform in the expected or designated role.我们所有的老师都是来自美国,年龄在21岁以上,我们是全美式的夏令营,但是我们有双语助教

American Staff Development
Our training of counselors exceeds most military Individual Development Plans (IDPs) for seasonal counselors. All counselors receives a minimum of 60 hours of training regarding Council on Accreditation (COA) Standards, child abuse training, and training on five school-age modules – healthy, safe, program environment, professionalism, and guidance. Counselors also receive training in the area of practical program skills, including program planning, child and youth development, risk management, guidance, health and safety, conflict resolution, handling complaints, aquatic safety, and as mentioned playground safety.

The counselors Development program is a contextualized transformational learning experience. The counselors Development program focuses on gaining professional knowledge emphasizing the acquisition of: 1) program values, 2) leadership or program development skills and 3) theoretical knowledge. A strong focus is placed on counselors gaining an understanding of the vision, mission, values and tradition and history of the AEA summer camp program. In addition, there is an emphasis placed on activity leadership, working with special needs children, use of check lists, risk management (program and facility hazards), evaluation, conflict resolution, behavior management and program design.

The counselors Development program features gaining of knowledge including: Council on Accreditation (COA) standards; The USAG Child Care Evaluation Tool (ICCET); The Army Installation School-age Services Evaluation Tool (ISASET); The Installation Youth Evaluation Tool (IYET) standards for Department of Defense certification; The National Program for Playground Safety standards; and The Creative Curriculum, and others.

The counselors development program enables counselors to gain knowledge of programming and leadership related to creative arts, active games, aerobics, sports, home alone skills, outdoor recreation, drama, table and board games, science, math, computers, and other challenging activities as well as working with children and youth ages 4 to 12.

A strict screening includes required background checks for each counselor including state criminal history background checks for all American counselors are screened extensively, checking students across six (6) different criteria, including interview evaluations, evaluations during training, review of GPA and college transcripts, and letters of recommendation. This screening helps us to achieve quality and safety for children.

The AEA Services serves over 1200 children in the summer. Our Program Directors are over 21 years of age with degrees, and all have extensive experience supervising children’s programs. All counselors are required to be certified in CPR, First Aid and Lifeguard Training (or Community Water Safety, Shallow Water Attendant or Basic Water Rescue), with certification by the American Red Cross. As well, all are trained in risk management, and are trained in playground safety by staff from the National program for Playground Safety funded by the U.S. Center for Disease Control.

Program Curriculum
The AEA summer program design includes components such as learning labs, choice time, songs and games, small group time, clubs, building a sense of community and interest areas. Summer curriculum is developed by counselors and other youth services professionals, and incorporates contemporary content to involve learning, to have appeal for children, and to be marketable. Daily programs also incorporate four core service areas including: sports/fitness, leisure/recreation, life skills, and mentoring/support, as well as arts, crafts, performing arts, science, music, special events, swimming and others. Weekly programs are theme-based and a different theme provided for each week.

Management Strategy
AEA summer program has a simple, yet powerful, vision: “We create magic moments for children that last a life time.” And, our definition of magic is: “When the reality exceeds one’s expectations.” To advance this vision, the AEA has adopted a management strategy known as Total Quality Program Planning (TQP). Based on the principles of Total Quality Management and Total Quality Leadership, TQP was developed for the US Army as a way of providing services of high quality and excellence for children and youth by the Camp Adventure. TQP focuses on the establishment of benchmarks and the monitoring of performance on a continuous basis with an eye toward the daily incremental improvement of services.

Chinese Staff Development
As a high quality and efficient activity, there are several Chinese Aides closely working with American counselors at the AEA Summer Camp. The responsibility of Chinese Aide is assisting daily activities and maintaining the safety of AEA campers on the bus. We follow strict screening procedures during the selection process. The chosen individuals have responsible character, implementation capacity, ability to interact with kids, and fluency in English. Every AEA Summer Camp Chinese Aide provides an excellent service to AEA Summer Camp campers and their parents.

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