Ages 5-12 Years(2017 AEA Summer Camp )

Ages 5-12 years, We do not accept 4 and 4.5 yrs old, and we do NOT have NAP我们不接受四岁或者四岁半的小朋友,我们没有午休
The AEA Summer Camp is designed for children ages 5-12 years old and is a great opportunity for children to engage in recreational and developmental activities with other children. Depending upon the activity, children will be put into different groups and will mix with children from different countries, cultures, ages, and abilities.

We divide campers’ group based on their age, please write the age precisely when you fill out your online application form, meanwhile our class is grouped randomly, therefore we can not guarantee friends or sibling at the same age will be at the same group ,and we encourage all campers meet new friends。
我们是按照小朋友的年龄分组的, 所以请家长填写小朋友真实的出生年月,由于我们是按照年龄随机分班的, 所以我们不能保证兄弟姐妹或者朋友在同年龄段的会被分在同一个班级,家长不可以要求打乱我们已经分好的班组, 同时我们鼓励小朋友去认识新的国际小朋友,实现来我们夏令营真正成长的意义。

The AEA Summer Camp is a great way for campers to develop skills and knowledge during the summer. While plenty of AEA Camp Staff will be present to supervise, each child is expected to eat, dress and use the restrooms without help.

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