Camp Location

Camp Location
Western Academy of Beijing

Date:26th of June to 4th of August, 2017
Location: Western Academy of Beijing
Telephone: 138-1197-1251,please call this number at the beginning of March,2017 for any latest information
关于班车( BUS Routine 2017)

2017年的班车会定点设置,请留心查看网站,今年我们的会设置班车点, 由于我们的班车是免费提供的, 所以如果在您所在的区域没有班车点, 请自行安排孩子的接送。
River Garden
West Gate of American Embassy
Chaoyang Park
Work Stadium
We will have more Bus Stops be released
The rule of 2017 Bus will be changed, we will set up the BUS STOPS please check our website carefully
Please call 138-1197-1251 at the beginning of March , Holly Liu

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