Daily Backpack 2017( Focus )

Daily Backpack
The AEA Summer Camp asks campers to bring the following items each day:

1. A change of clothes in plastic zipped bags (socks, underwear, shirt, shorts)
2. Waterproof SPRAY sunscreen
3. A refillable water bottle with a sports cap (spill proof)
4. A hat (complimentary AEA Summer Camp hat will be provided for field trip day)
5. Enclosed shoes covering all toes -NO CROCS, SANDALS or EXPOSED FEET (for health and safety reasons, campers with improper shoes may not be able to participate in some activities)
6. A backpack to hold all of his/her belongings (no roller backpack)
7. Optional snacks (no candy/sweets, cookies, gum or nuts)


Children should NOT bring special toys or valuables to camp or field trips. This includes, but is not limited to, cell phones, music players, iPads/laptops, skateboards, action figures, makeup, portable game players, and money.

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