Health and Food

Health and Food
The health and wellness of all children and AEA Camp Staff begins prior to arriving on campus. The AEA Camp Staff have a packed schedule of activities and encourage all campers to get good rest and eat healthy meals including a good breakfast. A healthy lunch menu featuring international cuisine is provided on campus by a certified food vendor. Campers are encouraged to bring healthy snacks of their choice in their backpack. Candy/Sweets, gum, cookies and nuts are not allowed.

我们提供的是西餐服务, 我们在开营时间中也有加餐时间一般是早上十点到十点半,请家长为小朋友自行准备加餐食物,您可以为小朋友准备酸奶, 水果, 但是我们明令禁止各种坚果(因为大部分的小朋友都对坚果过敏,而且我们所在国际学校一般是无坚果校区)口香糖,饼干以及糖果谢谢您的理解和配合

Medical information such as allergies to food, chemicals, or other environmental issues (nuts, pollen, etc.) MUST be listed on the child’s registration forms. Failure to list important physical, mental, or emotional medical information places children and staff at risk. Such information will be treated as confidential. Failure to disclose such information may lead to dis-enrollment of the child concerned.
AEA Summer Camp Staff will review first aid and emergency response procedures with campers each week. An AEA Camp Staff member who is certified in first aid will be available at all times. Summer camps are recreational in purpose and will entail several activities have some level of risk. In the event of an accident or incident, AEA Summer Camp Staff will follow the procedures set out in the Parent Manual.

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