Safety and Security ( Highlight )

Safety and Security
Safety and security is our top priority. The AEA Summer Camp team is committed to providing a safe environment to our campers and their parents. All AEA Camp Staff have been briefed on proper security protocols and have been trained to provide safe age-appropriate activities.
All Parents are required to make an Appointment with Holly Liu -138-1197-1251 one day before for casual visiting and lunch, we only accept Parents Visitors during lunch time:11.30-12.30 for Intellectual Property Right for the program.
Safety is a priority at every AEA Summer Camp activity. The AEA Staff will review the pertinent safety rules with the campers at the start of each session. Specialized safety equipment will be provided and used as required.

1)Due to the seurity and Intellectual Property reason , we only allow parents’ visiting based on the certain time 11.30-12.30( lunch time ) and please make an appointment in advance with Holly Liu about your visiting
出于对安全的考虑, 所有的家长在进营地参观之前要跟HOLLY LIU -13811971251进行预约, 出于对项目知识产权的保护,我们只接受家长午饭期间的参观(11.30-12.30)感谢家长的理解
2) we do not allow parents being on the our school buses, as we only pay the insurance for campers

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