Parent Guidebook (家长手册)

请您仔细阅读该条款, 您在注册的过程之中也会被要求阅读并且同意该条款

1) Parent Manual (家长手册)
I have read and understand the Parents ManualTerms & Conditions outlining the policies and procedures. I hereby give permission to the American Employees Association of Beijing (AEA) to transport the child named above, and if needed transport to a medical care facility. I hereby authorize the AEA to secure treatment of all health issues that arise at camp for the child named above. I understand that the AEA does not provide accident/medical insurance for the child named above. Medical bills, including prescription drugs, traditional Chinese medicine, or other healthcare related costs will be the responsibility of the parent or guardian named above.
I understand that all campers will be treated as individuals and respect will be shown for a range of abilities and behaviors. I agree that AEA reserves the right to dismiss a child from camp whose conduct is not in the best interest of the camp community and whose needs present concern or safety issues related to other campers, staff, or the camp community.
我明白所有的小朋友将会被同等对待,我同意美国驻华大使馆美国雇员协会有开除小朋友的权利, 如果该小朋友被认为对整个夏令营的小朋友造成潜在的或者实质性的伤害,出于对安全的考虑家长要付全权责任。
2) Refund Policy(退款政策)
I agree to the following policies regarding camp fees: No refunds will be given if cancellation occurs five working days prior to the start of a child’s camp session; No refunds will be given in part or in whole due to sickness, personal commitments, or dismissal from camp for disciplinary or inability of camper. If refund is to be awarded after payment has been submitted for weekly session(s), parent will be awarded 70% of the total amount paid for the unattended weekly session(s), and a 30% will be processed as an administrative fee of the AEA for cancellation. No refund will be given if there is no agreement on Bus Stop .
我同意关于退款的基本政策:在五个工作日之内无权要求退还当周的夏令营的营费。例如我们的第一期在6月26号开营,6月26号到6月30号之间要求退款的一律没有费用退款的产生。由于小朋友自身的原因在夏令营期间生病或者请假, 不能参加或者不能完全参加夏令营的一律没有退款的产生。如果家长报了三周以上,并且已经完成了两周由于个人原因不能参加第三周的而要求退款的, 首先要在五个工作日之前告知我们, 邮件给; ,其次您只会收到70%的退款, 剩下的30%会当做行政费用。最后由于班车点不能达成一致而要求退款的一律没有退款的产生。
3) Transportation Policy(校车政策)
Please be aware of AEA ONLY Provide Free Transportation within Certain Bus Stop
We will have about Five Bus Stops be released very soon on our official website. Please check out our Bus Stops carefully when you have done your registration, you always have right to choose your own Transportation.
今年我们设立五条免费且固定的校车路线, 请仔细查阅我们的官网,如果我们的班车路线不在您所在的区域, 你随时有权利选择自己方便的交通工具出行。

4) Payment Policy(付款政策)
There are two processes to fully finish your payment, one step is to enroll online with all correct information, second step is to make your payment when your get registration number and payment letter from AEA , PLEASE provide camper’s registration number and name clearly while you make your payment , otherwise it is your responsible to make another payment transfer. Please send the payment copy back to our accountant: , she will send you the bank confirmation letter within 7 to 10 working days, until now then you fully complete your AEA Summer Camp Registration Process.
只有付款之后,并且收到付款的确认函之后才算报名真正的结束, 第一我们只接受网上报名, 网上报名结束之后, 您会收到自动回复,如果没有收到的话证明您的网上报名没有完成。第二在网上报名接受后的三个工作日之内您会收到美国驻华大使馆美国雇员协会邮件发送的缴费通知函, 通知函上有我们的银行信息, 以及营员的个人信息以及注册号, 您可以按照通知函上的信息进行缴费, 请务必在银行转账的通知单上注明孩子的注册号以及姓名然后将银行通知单扫描件发邮件给我们的会计 ,我们的会计会在7到10个工作日之内发给您银行的确认信。此时整个付款流程结束, 报名完成。
We are looking forward to meeting all of you!!!

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