Weekly Themes

AEA Summer Camp is an American-style day camp that will follow a weekly theme. Themes are changed each week and each year to incorporate current trends and interests of children. The daily program is full of funs, songs, games, and activities that are modified to relate to the theme each week. Classic games such as tag, kickball, or basketball may be renamed, rules changed, or new materials used to reinvent the games according to theme of the camp week and more interesting for the campers.

The hosting locations for AEA Summer Camp are transformed into a day camp setting, with classrooms and the facilities receiving makeovers each week by the AEA Camp Staff to decorate according to theme.

Campers enjoy walking into AEA Summer Camp that week and taking note of how the environment changes each week.

Weekly Themes
DNA to Dinosaurs
(June 10 – June 14)
Follow colossal fossil footprints on Camp’s super continental search for Jurassic giants. With Alosaurus and Stegosaurus towering overhead, we’ll dig for fabulous Fabrasaurus fossils, and unearth “Sue” the Tyranasaurus Rex. Dino-mite detectives dig in to discover the Camp and stalk saber tooth tigers. Is that the Croods in that cave? Look out for raging reptiles…here they come!

Mad Science Mania
(June 17 – June 21)
Zoom into a discovery zone full of scientific surprises. Beakers are bubblin’ over as scientists create crazy edible concoctions. Head to the mad lab and grab your goggles. Solve and dissolve the “Chemystery” of terrific scientific solutions. Experiment with excited electrons and marvelous matter in Camp’s super science X-periment extravaganza!

Race Through Outer Space
(June 24 – June 28)
Buckle up your starfighter seatbelt and orbit into a spectacular Star Wars galactic journey. Soar past the moons of Alderaan and sneak past destroyer droids. Follow the force and venture to undiscovered constellations and never before seen planets. On your mark, get set, the pod-racers are charged up and ready to go! Blast off into the worlds of super space creatures as Camp cruises through the cosmos.

Invitation to a World Celebration
(July 01 – July 05)
Pack your passport and prepare for an international adventure. Travel “south of the border” for a fantastic fiesta, escape on the Eurorail trail, and go on a safari in the Kalahari. Join our culture club and explore the folklore of exotic destinations. This week we’re headed to faraway places on an Invitation to a World Celebration.

Crazy Cats in Cool Hats
(July 08 – July 12)
Crazy cats cut loose to the story time rhymes of Seuss. Leap into the book of Who’s, meet the Lorax and Horton, too! Oh, the thinks you can think and the places we’ll go. Visit Yertle the Turtle and Sneetches on beaches. Join the Whoopla in Whoville and sing with a Ying. Hip-hop on over to Pop and Stop the Once-ler’s greed. Fun with Camp this week is “98 and 3/4 per cent guaranteed!”

Giggles, Wiggles & Monster U
(July 15 – July 19)
Ready for a monstrous challenge? Are you full of ferocious fun? Do you have experience screaming with laughter? Then help Camp put the “care” in “scare!” Enter the monster world through your closet door or through the trap door in your bedroom floor. We want you to join our Scream Team and train to be a Top Scarer and graduate with Top Honors in ‘Monster U’ this week. Be the big “boo” on campus as we prepare to Monster Mash and Boo Bash.

Underwater Ocean Commotion
(July 22 – July 26)
Cruise to a coral castle, explore the ocean blue and make finny, funny friends with Nemo and Dory too! Surf the sea and join a jellyfish jamboree! Go Fish… and fall hook, line, and sinker for Camp’s incredible ultimate undersea journey! Join in the Crazy Clownfish Capers, follow the current and plunge into “Fin”tastic Fishy Fun!

*Above themes and activates may change with or without notice

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